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DR Four Piece Blue Glass Propellor Mobile
DR Four Piece Blue Glass Propellor Mobile
made by Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds is a London based sculptor and ceramicist creating large organic ceramic vessels, lighting, vases, bowls and abstract mobiles. He is influenced by Latin American mid-century architecture while also being attracted to the organic and industrial shapes of British pottery. His work reflects the salient movements of the 20th Century, paying homage to British artists such as Victor Pasmore, Patrick Heron and William Scott. In contrast, his ceramic technique draws a direct line to the ancients, resulting in ample forms, enhanced through the use of simple colors and patterning.

Reynolds works primarily with hand building and casting methods, incorporating stoneware, porcelain, glass, and organic materials such as dried gourd to create textured juxtapositions and opacity. In doing so, he is able to achieve balance, harmony, and beauty between the mixed materials.

In addition, in many of his works, he features and preserves incongruous objects from vegetables to coffee percolators. From delicate translucent white porcelain, resulting in amorphous volumes of glowing, sparkling light to stretched and fluid stoneware structures, Reynolds’ works exude a serene beauty that comes from a master craftsman.

Approximate dimensions
H.41 x W. 31 inches
ceramic and glass
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